Escape From Pripyat (EFP 4.2)

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EFP 4.2 – Anomaly 1.5.2 modpack

Escape From Pripyat (EFP) is a hardcore modpack for Stalker Anomaly, supported by talented members of the Anomaly modding community. EFP features mods which add semi-realistic gameplay elements in a manner similar to tough first-person shooters such as Escape From Tarkov. Although EFP is by no means an alternative to Tarkov single-player, it certainly draws inspiration from EFT in more than name only.

DISCLAIMER: The video below is EFP 3.0 showcase. Since there is no good video showcasing what EFP 4.0 brings, I’m using this one because it still shows what this modpack is all about. 🙂

  • Combat is challenging, enemies are smarter, and the Zone is worthy of fear.
  • Gameplay is designed to be harsh but fair, placing increased focus on preparation before you venture into danger.
  • You will need to manage your health, ammo, weapons, and resources in greater detail.
  • Anomaly will no longer feel like an arcade shooter. The passing of each day will feel like its own little victory.

PLEASE VISIT THE DISCORD for downloads, updates, fixes, and support!

EFP is made to be modular, meaning that you can remove mods or add new mods easily if you have familiarity with Mod Organizer.

  • Each mod is separated into its own folder, and each patch or edit provided by EFP is separated from the mods it overwrites. This makes it easier for you to customize your experience how you’d like.
  • Our Discord is active and contains guides on how to remove mod groups as well as how to add new mods and manage mod conflicts.

Official Discord
Official GitHub

EFP Video Installation Guide

Gameplay preview (with commentary)