G.A.M.M.A. Changelog (0.9.1)

UPDATED ON: 27th November 2023

0.9.1 – 2nd anniversary patch changelog

New Engine version thanks to Mr.Demonized and team
– Engine exe v2023.11.15

New Addons
– M249 Reanimation by NickolasNikova
– SV98 Reanimation by NickolasNikova
– RPD Reanimation by NickolasNikova
– AK12 Reanimation by SeDzhiMol
– Steyr Scout by JMerc75
– Lurker HD Remodel by KeatonB_08 & KynesPeace
– Grey Tree Barks Begone by Joe325
– Global Map Rework by DeadEnvoy
– Pretty Pistols Reanimated by FIREBREATH
– GAMMA Reload Timing Fix by aegis27
– BAS SR-2M Reanimated by Synd1cate
– No More Flashlights on BAS Weapons by MotaRin
– Winchester 1892 by billwa
– Fixed BAS AK74 thumb by LilJma
– AlphaLion’s Reworked Stash Quest and Map Markers
– Improved Quick Melee by Daimenex

– Self Made Upgrades do not require tools nor toolkits anymore. The crafting of upgrade kits is still locked behind toolkits however.
– Mechanics have a chance to sell upgrade kits of all 3 rarities once basic tools are delivered.
– Mechanics do not upgrade items anymore but explains instead how to repair your gear and craft items with the free workbench.
– Fixes the Loner and Merc Mechanics in Zaton by TheFlameTouched. They will now have tools quests like other mechanics.
– Change military to monolith patches for Duty Tasks by The3ase.
– Removed first rooms monolith in X10 to avoid the player to die just after the loading. Also removed the problematic NPC that could block the door.
– Hint that Miracle Machine Protects the Radar by emitting psy waves in�
– Nomad and Wastelander suits are back in stashes
– Bigger lurker squads and more random
– Smaller south lurker squads
– Starting helmet = Ranger Mask for Monolith and Sin
– New Starting guns: Loners = OC33 / Freedom = Auto Glock19 40rnds / Clear Sky = Winchester / Military = Bizon

– Reduced boars hitbox (95% speed perpendicular jump works)
– Artefacts now spawn with a random delay to be less predictable and avoid potential back to back spawning (can still happen very rarely)
– Reduced amount of guards
– Zombies now have proper guns loadouts
– Jupiter Underground is now properly blacklisted so that it doesn’t spawn that many artefacts while visiting the level (artefacts will still respawn after emissions and psy storms, just like regular labs)

– Less spongy enemies
– Headshot eyes jaws stronger AP bonus
– No armored balaclava / base gas mask on NPCs
– Weapon Sway on by default. Moving while aiming should make the sight move based on your movement speed.
– Update lower_weapon_sprint.script for the newly added weapons.
– Increased weapon running animations diversity
– Increased Buckshot and Slugs damages & Slugs AP +1
– Steyr Scout added (7.62×51 variant with 5.56 skin)
– Gunslinger FN57 added
– Gunslinger Full auto glock added with 40 rounders
– XM177 (XM4) added to the loadouts and stashes
– Rebalanced XM4 and M4 recoil
– Better XM4 Inspect animations
– Better XM4 Icons by Cr3pis
– Winchester 1873 added to the game.
– Removal of caliber switch upgrades of the Winchester
– Adjusted winchester damage, bullet speed and RPM
– Winchester Better icons by Cr3pis
– Better actor fire sound for the Winchester by adding sound layers.
– Replaced AK105sp by AK12
– L96 7.62×51 removal + more common L96 .338 Lapua
– BAS USP Tac removal
– AR15 HERA removed
– FN F2000 Recoil Reduced, this is the new HERA, + it has a grenade launcher. FN F2000 was always a staple in the Stalker franchise, now it’s the case also in GAMMA.
– AK12 recoil rebalances
– 7.62×51 recoil revamp + Ace52 enhanced recoil
– removed AK104Alfa aimed shot camera anim
– Restored some BAS anm_shots
– Nerfed K98 Mod scope zoom power
– Streyr Scout repair type = rifle kit
– Adjustable SV98 scope + better texture

– Less tanky hard and medium boars by Balathruin
– Less tanky fleshes
– Increased armors mutant damage res by x1.20
– Increased Rhino PSU power duration and made Noso speed at 98% instead of 100%
– Balance for purified psysucker meal by The3ase
– 7.92×33 craft abuse fix and price reduction
– 338 Federal craft recipe change
– increased plastic part from dynamic spawns
– rebalanced pistols HP stock of butcher
– Boosted most mutants pelts
– More common SPAS12 and Trenchgun
– More Common UMP45
– higher AP heads chance in the dynamic loot
– Small chance of powder cans spawn in the dynamic loot
– Increased giants loot
– small chance to redirect mutant hits from legs to arms or torso
– Bit more guns in stashes
– Some rare weapons are a bit more common
– More common FAL OSW

– RPD Better textures by Cr3pis
– Winchester better textures by Cr3pis
– PP2000 better textures by Cr3pis
– Better FN F2000 Icons by Cr3pis <3 - More "GAMMA" map icons colors + better blend in - Improved 7.62x51 particles for SR25 and FALs - Improved SCAR casings particles - Fixed SR25 ammo getting out of the gun during empty reload - SR25 HUD FOV change Quality of Life
– cleaned guns task lists
– Reduced thirst and hunger noises volume
– Better winchesterr icon by Cr3pis
– Customizable Pistol HUD FOV in Free Zoom
– New script-based per weapon HUD FOV

– Climbing cannot kill you
– XCVB’s More stable artefacts random condition. Empowered artefacts should not reset anymore.
– Item Drag and Drop doesn’t work in trade mode to fix abuses
– Companions guns are always empty (no ammo cheese)
– No NPC friendly fire + relation reset if allies shoot each other
– Proper Gigant Jumper Loot
– Utjan’s Item UI Improvements install fix
– syndicate saiga install fix
– Defended X10 Labs install fix
– Double item craft tooltip fix
– Add mags to weapons that are missing mags by TheDjinni
– Potential Fix for Steppe Eagle bugs by TheDjinni
– Gives a mag to the MP7’s alt caliber by TheDjinni
– Adds the correct description for the MP7 mag by TheDjinni
– Uses the updated description for its mag by TheDjinni
– fixed aslan lottery patches number dialog
– Butcher sells 5.56 HP
– Removed L85 M3 from the game, might reintroduce it when stuttery walk animation is fixed
– Updated reshade shaders by Hippo
– NPC Loot claim better check and looted list proper reset, this should avoid the impossibility to interact with alive NPCs or stashes. This should also prevent certain instances of busy hands.
– Updated FDDA to moddb version, hopefully less busy hands with the updated code. This should speed up update processes as well when “forced github downloads” is ticked.
– Tactical fonts fixed install instructions
– XM4, Winchester and korth custom d0cter unsellable
– Fixed weapon parts dots colors indicators by properly setting the new Utjan’s Item UI improvements MCM values.
– Free Zoom ADS fixes
– Gavrilenko crash fix by Oleh and veerserif
– ISG Mechanic inventory now properly scales depending on the quest thanks to gbrlallison.

0.9.1 Changelog

New Engine version thanks to Mr.Demonized and team
– New Exe v2023.9.6

New Addons
– G.A.M.M.A. Traduccion Espanola – vdltman: https://www.moddb.com/mods/stalker-anomaly/addons/gamma-spanish-translation
– Extra Level Transitions Rostok Garbage Yantar Facing Fix – Qball:
– Black Market (Buyable Gear) – SalamanderAnder & nox:
– XM4 Rifle – KeatonB_08:
– Soulslike Gamemode – Jabbers:
– QoL Bundle – Utjan:
– Item UI Improvements – Utjan:
– Auto-Stacking Items – Zatura:
– Defended Lab X10 – Shen:
– Fixed Artefacts Colision and Visuals – KronQ and Longreed: https://www.moddb.com/mods/stalker-anomaly/addons/fixed-artefact-collision-and-visuals-152
– QoL Patch to Tweak_Breeki’s RF Receiver Hidden Packages – Cookbook:
– Barrier Defense Task Emission Fix – Catspaw:
– Personal Adjustable Waypoint – Catspaw:
– Fair Fast Travel – Catspaw:
– Higher Rank NPCs Headlight Disabled – KraizerX:
– Semi Radiant AI – xcvb:
– Miserable Axe and Sledgehammer Retexture – Reconboi:
– Alternative Cats – KynesPeace:
– Alternative Fleshes – KynesPeace:
– Alternative Boars – KynesPeace:
– Tactical Torch Reanimation – Skywhyz:
– 9a91 Reanimation – SeDzhiMol:
– PP2000 Remodel & Reanimation – SeDzhiMol:
– Vihr Reanimation – SeDzhiMol:
– BAS Saiga Reanimation – Synd1cate:
– SPAS12 Reanimation & Remodel – Firebreath:
– SVU Reanimation & Remodel – BarryBogs:
– Gunslinger Desert Eagle Model and Animations Port by Dizmok and Improved by Pieuvre:
– G_FLAT’s Gavrilenko Tasks Fix:
– G_FLAT’s Indirect Parts Favoriter:
– Bert’s Vector Reanimation to GAMMA Large Files:
– Slugler’s No Old Ammo in the Ammo Wheel:
– Andtheherois’s Ammo Wheel Retexture:
– SixSloth’s & Veerserif’s Hideout Furnitures 2.2.1 GAMMA patch:
– Cr3pis textures and icons fixes to GAMMA Large Files

– New set of MCM values for the newly added addons.

– Stashes changes and new toolkits spawn logic:
– Changed map tiers and stash content code.
– Green stashes are now the main source of tools.
– White stashes have a very very small chance of spawning Gunsmith or Drug tools (1%).
– White stashes will almost always spawn extra ammo crafting materials.
– Stashes spawn in same map or directly connected maps, but not in connected of connected maps like it used to do.
– Stash item tiers have been adjusted for all maps. Map specific items tiers are now separated for Toolkits spawns vs Regular items spawns.
– North maps regular item tiers have been more evenly spread through the 5 different tiers to ensure stashes being filed and to increase the item diversity spawning in north stashes.
– Artefacts Melter has a chance to spawn in Green Stashes.
– Green stashes are guaranteed every 8 tasks rewarding stashes.
– Recipes: Exo repair kit recipe is now a drop only item and cannot be bought from Mechanics. Legends and Master stalkers can drop it.
– The North Progression is now locked behind deactivating the Miracle Machine: North Psi field bypasses actor psi res and kills you in 3 hits.
– Clear Sky questline rewards: machine yard quest rewards a gunsmith kit now.
– No more starting knife with bugged durability, but the actor starts with Tier 2 knife, which should make melee more rewarding early on (you still need to upgrade it to field dress strong mutants).
– Sid doesn’t scam you for medications to compensate for the lack of medic in Cordon, but has a slimer selection and amount of meds.
– Fast Travel changes thanks to Fair Fast Travel addon:
– Backpacks fast travel does not allow overweight,
– You must use the new and more expensive Guide Fast Travel Feature (available on right click) to fast travel while being overweighted.
– Fast travel to debug spots is now disabled.
– Fast travel is not time limited anymore but is generally more expensive and scales better with distance (meaning close fast travel are cheap but long fast travel are much more expensive).
– Starting Loadouts changes:
– Rebalanced available Pistols, with NATO factions having the best available pistols.
– Made PP2000 available to Duty and Monolith as a starting SMG.
– Made the sawn off shotguns available only in Tourist and Scavenger difficulty.
– Increased TOZ106 cost.
– Reduced APS and PM costs.

– North repopulation:
– A lot of the North spawns were locked behind story progression. These preconditions has been removed so the maps should be much more busy.
– A lot of empty smart terrains have been repopulated.
– North areas should be much less empty as respawn timers has been reduced.
– North areas are *much more* dangerous than before. Be aware that Sin and ISG are now common enemies in the North. The mutants are also much stronger. Expect potential packs of controllers.
– North bases should be much more busy with more tasks to do.
– Very rarely, Sin has Rocket Launcher

– Radar and Brain Scorcher rework:
– The Radar map has a bit more Monolith stalkers.
– The Brain Scorcher lab is now *guarded when entering the map*. This means you will have to fight Monolithans *during the timer*.
– Brain Scorcher guards tier has been reduced (easier enemies).
– Brain Scorcher timer has been increased.

– South maps mutants populations rework:
– Hopefully Meadows should spawn more diverse mutants more often.
– Wild Territory mutants has been made more “urban”: more snorks, less pigs.
– Truck Cemetary should now be the “juicy south map”: extremely dangerous but highly lucrative.
– Rostok should spawn much less mutants.

– Psi System Rework:
– New feedback upon receiving psi damages: the vision gets blurred and you hear your heartbeat during 0.40 seconds (very fast).
– Psi damages and defense handler remade to be inline with the other fixed elemental defenses: much more consistent and more balanced.
– Negative Psi resistances of artefacts do not nuke your psi defense anymore: it’s additive like any other fixed elemental resistance.
– Psi damages scale with difficulty and are overall a bit less strong.
– There’s no magical “psi res immunity threshold”: you’ll always take psi damages (max res is capped at 99% damage reduction).
– Boosted psi res of drugs to match the new system (+20% psi res for the psy block).
– Psi res consummables restore psi health much faster than before. Basically psi attacks will be harder to mitigate than before but psi consumables will help you much more. This should reduce the strict dependency of artefacts for psi related stuff. However there’s a likeliness that some stuff simply one shots you if you don’t have any psi res (unprotected controllers tube attack).
– Fixed artefact and consummabels psi res display.
– Artefacts do not regen psy health over time anymore (or very very little).
– Faster phantoms.
– Psi damages don’t affect limb health.

– Mutants rebalance:
– Some mutants can spawn in packs: chimera, bloodsucker, giants, fractures…
– Karlik will always spawn in packs.
– Jumper Giants are enabled should thus spawn north.
– Removed the Big Bloodsuckers (with red spikes) because of the terrible model.
– A bit less meat spawns on mutants.
– More toxic uncooked and low tier cooked meats. This should promote the cooking of higher tier mutant meats.

– Artefacts spawning logic remade:
– Artefacts now tend to spawn faster in the map the actor is currently is, but the spawn chance is much more random. This means the artefacts spawning is still about the same as before but it’s much less predictable and when entering a map the player should feel much less that all the anomalous fields are empty.

– Tasks rebalance
– Lots of Dynamic tasks changes.
– North factions rewards (Freedom…) are higher than south factions rewards (Duty, Loners…).
– Rewards increased for fetch tasks requiring items with a condition by removing the cubed condition scaling, i.e. for a 70% condition item, the rewarded price is 0.70*price instead of the previous 0.70*0.70*0.70*price (one more Misery left over nuked, yaaaaay). This should affect artefacts fetch tasks *a lot*.
– Artefacts fetch tasks reward multiplier increased.
– Bounty Hunting tasks only target enemies in the same map or in connected maps only (no more Cordon rookie asking to kill a Monolith squad in Outskirts).
– Increased medical items fetch task diversity.
– Weapons Fetch tasks fixed > this should be bugless now and the asked guns should work.
– Increased Rostok tasks delay > quests should be a bitless repeatable there.
– Reduced Rostok Missions money rewards > no more 6k RU for checkpoint guards killing dogs.
– Lukash Barrier Defense task does not reward ammo anymore.
– Taskboard doesn’t pull tasks from companions.

– New Tasks
– New dynamic task asking for Drug Kit or Ammo Kit for all factions
– Replaced Wolf buggy rescue stalker task by a new task asking to clear all the mutants from Cordon.
– New Sakharov Task: clean mutants in Agroprom Udg.
– New Sakharov Task: clean mutants in X16 Lab. Ecologists also now have a chance to spawn in x16 after the lab is done to make the map more lively.
– Replaced Skinflint task for Bear Detectors for a new one asking for gear to infiltrate Duty. This is locked behind 1000 Goodwill with Freedom.
– New dynamic task available for all Freedom to bring some drugs.
– New Fanatic Task to clear mutant nest in Meadow.

– More dynamic faction relation to reduce the hobo murder player behavior (think before shooting):
– Killing allies reduces reputation by 300 and the goodwill with the neutral victim faction by 140.
– Killing enemies reduce enemies faction goodwill by 10.
– Both these system take into account your “current” faction. Meaning you can still disguise as a Merc to kill Loners if you are a Loner to not suffer from the 140 goodwill penalty. However you’ll still suffer from a -10 goodwill penalty.
– Completing dynamic tasks for one faction decreases goodwill for enemy factions. Obvious tasks are affected only (killing others, giving guns, etc).

– Improved AI responsiveness thanks to Dead Air devs and xcvb
– NPCs are much more reactive when being shot at or shot around: they will try to seek a cover compared to where they think they got shot from.
– NPCs should see the actor from farther away once alerted.
– Monolith should see the actor from even farther away compared to other NPCs.
– Once a NPC got it by a bullet shot from the actor, the whole squad associated to the victim should be alerted and try to seek the actor.

– Complete support of Perk Based Artefacts with the GAMMA damage systems thanks to etapomom / momopate!
– Redesign and rebalance of some perk artefacts.
– Artefacts description should actually match the math running behind.

– Teivaz’s Exo Item Use Animations ported to Anomaly for medkits, injectors, defense boosters and glucose shots. This essentially makes exos able to use important healing items much faster.

– Once a body is looted by an NPC, it stays looted independently of the NPCs fate.

– Wepl hit effects fixes and reduced aim punch.

– Increased base aim shake especially with scopes. Sniping should be a bit harder.

– Guns should be able to very very rarely jam/misfire at high condition.

– Ammo balances:
– All ammo now have a bit more air resistance and should thus drop a bit more with the distance.
– Subsonic rounds have been made significantly slower and drop more: flatness upgrades are thus important for 9×39 and 12.7×55.
– Slugs are also slower and less efficient at range and should drop a bit more (23×75 and 12ga).
– Sniper rounds damages have been reduced a little bit.
– .45 ACP damage increased to 27 and AP increased to 20.
– .45 Hydro is easier to crafte and a bit cheaper to buy.
– 12ga buck and slugs are a bit more expensive.
– 12ga buckshot is a bit harder to craft (everyone was buying them anyways).
– 5.7 SS195 rounds AP increased to 22.
– Increased .338 Lapua damages.

– New NPCs Armor System:
– NPCs armor is now defined according to 3 body parts / groups of limns: head armor (head and neck), upper armor (body and arms) and lower armor (legs).
– Each bullet decreases the armor value of one group based on the bullet Armor Penetration Power.
– Once a body part armor is defeated, full damages are dealt to the NPCs.
– Concussion damages (when ammo didn’t penetrate the armor) have been slightly increased and made a bit more random.
– Concussion damages for HP rounds have been reduced to match their FMJ counter part.
– Concussion damages of Slugs and Buckshots have been reduced. Slugs still stagger in the head, thus making headshot spam still easy.
– Slightly reduced damages to NPCs extremities.
– Removed the melee hit redirection to torso: aim for the head! Axes dunk is thus much more powerful.
– The head AP boost system is still in: hitting the eyes, the neck or the jaw boosts the ammo Penetration by +3.5 (flat, 21 AP becomes 24.5).
– Reduced the Head and Eyes headshot bonus from 4 to 3.65
– Reduced the Jaw damage bonus from 4 to 3.00
– Reduced the Neck damage bonus from 4 to 2.70
– The new headshot values ensure that certain calibers don’t always one shot headshot at long ranges bu do at close ranges (9×18 vs .45 vs 9×19).
– A dilemma is set between aiming for the neck to guarantee the AP boost at the cost of damage, or aim for the head and have both the AP boost and Damage or just the Damage boost if the top, back or lateral parts of the head are hit (where the helmet protection works).

– Guns balance:
– Saigas mag size increase.
– Reduced endgame 5.45 guns recoil.
– Reduced AKM Alfa recoil significantly.
– Reduced AKM ISG recoil a little bit.
– Reduced AK104 Alfa recoil a little bit.
– Replaced AK104 by AK103 (grenade launcher compatible).
– Firebreath Spas12 Salvo suppressor instead of NATO.
– PP2000 – mags have 45 rounds.
– PP2000 – 600rpm as IRL.
– PP2000 – now has high accuracy.
– Vihr reduced recoil, it’s now a very strong 9×39 gun.
– HOWA20 and RU556 normal 5.56 damages.
– Coonan increased recoil and added a silencer model. Coonan also uses .357 caliber barrel part.

– Easier bandits, tankier Sin, ISG and Monolith.
– Slightly increased end game NPCs head armor to actor levels.
– ISG teleporting should now avoid the bullet (bullet dodge system).
– Reduced exo outfit and exo helmet drop chance to match new north population.
– Some Scopes were moved at higher Trader Supply Level.
– Removed SVT from stashes.
– Removed SVT from NPCs loadouts.
– Reduced Bullet res cap, increased strike res cap.
– Reduced exo armors AP res.
– Bit more common saiga isg , bit more rare raptr.
– More rare Desert Eagle.
– Increased toz 106 20ga conversion price.
– Reduced dynamic fields artefacts spawn.
– Reduced chance of dynamic artefacts spawn.
– Slightly Increased ammo parts salvaging coefficient (80% to 90%).
– Phantom Star duration divided by 4.
– Vihr and SVU increased spawn chance on NPCs.
– SVU repair type to advanced.
– bit rarer SVD.
– More common basic P90.
– Bit more rare RPK16.
– More rare Nosorog and Spartan Helm armor spawn chance.
– Rebalanced Exo PSUs: No regen, but lower consumptions and higher storage capacities.
– Multiplied artefacts explosition resistance by 1.5.
– Heavy armors artefacts slots increased (Skat9, Exosuits) to make them more interesting to use.
– Reduced Drug kit and ammo kit prices.

– Updated Reshade to 5.9.2 with addon support: Reshade effects don’t mess with the UI anymore thanks to Demonized EXE.
– Sun quality to medium and shadows scanlines fixes: no more parallel evenly spaced bugged shadow lines on surfaces.
– New SSS and atmospherics versions.
– Actor shadow on by default.
– Beef NVGs MCM values have been tweaked to allow the NVGs various levels of illumination to be more useful (no need to use NVG + Flashlight anymore). This also makes the red dots, collimators and tritium sights useable with ease while using NVGs.
– Default Aydin’s Flora set to Autumn.

– New day/night cycle map-specific soundtracks by SanctusSynth for many new maps, almost all maps are covered now!
– New Sound Tracks by Apocryphos.

Quality of Life
– Workshop UI Tooltips do not get in the way of the crafting UI anymore: no more annoying reloads during your crafting sessions!
– Free Zoom properly resets when dying.
– Sound volume proper reset after dying with volume effects down (hopefully).
– All Vices are now free by default and use the tools given to the associated mechanic.
– Removal of Vice dialog since they are now free.
– Hideout Furniture 2.2.1 thanks to Veerserif and Hatexsi and Aoldri.
– Improved placeable campfires: Fixed placeable firecamps not staying lit upon reloading a save. Also the fire start animation is much better. Campfires don’t enflame the actor anymore. Campfire placeable are cheaper and lighter.
– Minimap showed by default.
– Cr3pis fixes to icons and textures.
– Removed useless ammo parts from various sources.
– Removed the drop of bad upgrade packs from various sources.
– Bandana, Cloth mask, bala and resp are repaired by field repair kit.
– Tourist jacket can equip a backpack.
– Updated Aoldri anim core scripts with old WPO unjam checks.
– Halved length of Headshot Post Process Effect.
– Item Animations Enabling button unbound by default.
– Proper flashlight light position by hibaruza DLTXed: no more “illuminated hand”.
– Fixed the font colors errors for the Spanish translation so disabling Tactical Fonts is not needed anymore.
– WPO “bad guns parts” will always be bad, and not 59% anymore.
– Restored proper armor exchange dialogue in English.
– Small compatibility fix for people disabling BHS so the game doesn’t crash when being shot at.

– Spreaded timed scripts execution over time to avoid stutters.
– BHS limbs damages aren’t random anymore.
– BHS health gating: you can’t be one shotted because your head or torso went from 11 to 0 in one shot.
– Parts fix for P90 GS.
– Full Empty charges Melter properly.
– Fixed K98 condition decrease that was too high.
– Zombies don’t claim loot.
– Fixed blood sucker food rad res typo.
– MP5SD Acog potential fix.
– Sell items to dead traders bug abuse fix.
– Fixed artefacts random double spawns.
– Fixed double toolkits spawn in green stashes.
– Fixed R thigh L thigh damage multiplier to NPCs.
– Fix treasure manager crash fix.
– 7.62×25 p rounds damage boost fix to mutants.
– potential bug fix for sim_board.script:140 crash.
– tan5050 fix for displayed max carry weight with artefacts.
– Inventory slow scroll fix after alt tabbing (hopefully).
– Fair Fast Travel compatibility fix.
– Starter loadouts special ammo fix by MotaRin.
– Removed Knife fixed FOV.
– Fixed mags HUD position.
– Added an edge case to avoid CSky exos being deleted in the south, which could affect the Clear the Pump Station Task.
– Fixed helmet armor for stalker_soldier_hired_lc_17 and 20.
– PP2000 hud fov fix and specter dynamic zoom fix.
– Chimera hunter sight position fix on icon.
– M4s inspect animations camera fixes.
– Saiga 12s idle camera anim bugfix for area transitions.
– SVU sound fix for NPC shooting.
– removed Tomahawk from shops.
– NïS fix for workshop UI.
– Fixed Eidolon particles display.
– Fixed SVU “infinite reload” when mashing R key.
– Removed the Melter Details option to avoid the crash.
– Doom Gun Inspection sound fix and busy hands chance reduced.