Release Trailer for “Blindside’s Weapon Reanimation and Rebalance” addon


Addon author “BlindxSide” just released a new video release trailer for the next update of his addon Blindside’s Weapon Reanimation and Rebalance.

According to the author, this addon serves as a weapon reanimation and rebalance pack for vanilla Anomaly weapons. Its goal is to provide an enhanced experience to the vanilla arsenal with new animations, weapon balancing, stat tweaks and addition of jamming animations.

Currently, the addon is in its first phase called “Loner” – which is focusing mainly on early-game and common weapons found in The Zone.

The future update, which is featured in the trailer video below will include:

-Added TT-33
-Added SVT-40
-Added Saiga 12g + Vepr 12g shotguns
-Added MP-443 Grach
-Added AK-74 RPK mag w/ EOtech
-Added firemode select animations

-Updated firing animations for RPK
-Updated animations for SKS
-Updated shooting animation for OTs-02 Kiparis

-Fixed AK aim offsets with grenade launchers
-Fixed animations on Remington 870 when a sight was mounted
-Fixed some animation bugs

-Lowered shotgun recoil
-Increased bullet velocity for SVT-40
-Increased bullet velocity for Mosin Nagant

You can support this addon development on BlindxSide’s Patreon.