pROvAK’s Weapon Overhaul v2.3


pROvAK’s Anomaly 1.5.1 repack

“So here we’ve got Anomaly’s release version, with an absolutely fantastic stack of new addons on top! This video goes over a few of the new additions to the pack this time, but doesn’t show even close to everything. Things are starting to look and feel very polished now, and the inclusion of Blindxside’s weapons does wonders in replacing some more old weapons. I think some people are going to be very happy. I’m really happy with how things are feeling. If you’re new, and interested in what else the pack has to offer, visit previous videos. Expect more updates in the future.” – pROvAK


Google Drive

[RECOMMENDED] Standalone – Full Game + Mod (20GB)
Mod Only (10GB)


Mod Only (10GB)
[OPTIONAL] 4k Textures (3GB)


  • Blindxside’s SKS is only available through debug menu because SKS is already replaced with EFT variants
  • If you don’t want bullet time, delete ‘bullet_time’ from scripts folder
  • Default slomo key is ‘V’
  • If you do not wish to play with replaced mutant models, simply delete folder ‘gamedata/meshes/monsters’


  • Updated to Anomaly version
  • BlindxSide weapons added
  • Ppsh-41 has 3 variants reanimated
  • vz-61 reanimated
  • Kiparis is restored and reanimated
  • Remington 870, Toz 34, and Toz 194 reanimated
  • Grach, APS, CZ52, and TT-33 reanimated
  • Mosin and SVT-40 reanimated
  • 3 New EFT AK-74m variants (obtain from debug menu)
  • Many new bug fixes


  • HQ Ammo icons
  • EFT aim rattle
  • Soundscape Overhaul 3.0
  • JSRS 3.6
  • Michiko’s Weather Revamp
  • All factions playable
  • Damien’s fixed knife animation
  • EFT Binoculars
  • Detector Binoculars
  • New pda sounds
  • Bullet Time
  • Igis/arzis, GhenTuong/base task packs
  • Food, drug and drinks animations (rigged for new knives)
  • Dynamic mutants
  • Body Health System
  • Cinematic VFX
  • Enhanced shaders and color grading
  • Boomsticks and Sharpsticks
  • AWP 0.2 Pack
  • EFT Weapon pack
  • CW weapons RC18 + CW weapons from U4H8
  • CEMENTS viewmodels
  • Stcop 3.4 weapons/scopes
  • TAZ/A.R.E.A. weapons
  • Feel fried’s item usage animations
  • Anomaly HD models
  • Restored B&S weapons
  • Dialogue expanded
  • Ambient music overhaul
  • Igis tasks
  • Dead air stealth modified
  • Mutant bleeding
  • Dynamic nocturnal mutant spawn
  • Illinaru warfare overhaul
  • New inventory sound
  • Vanilla main menu
  • T.H.A.P.

CREDITS (according to repack author)

“ALL credit goes to the beautiful makers of these mods, I only EDITED what these people CREATED. Delorian x2, Gunslinger mod team, Mich_Cartman, mp5lng, Mortan, Andrejs Green, LsdPro, unethicalrus, Comrade Sandwich, _Mr_Vlad, Absolut Soft, Feel fried, ICHICROW, StCoP 3 team, Damien, CEMENT, LVTNER, Igigog, bmblbx176, GhenTuong, eft pack developers, Freedom_is_garbage, fitzroy_doll, Arkady & Boris Strugatsky, NZKmod, Marvin Acme, illinaru, A.R.E.A Developers, 3vtiger, Michiko, El joshio muerto, mora145, Meatchunk, Doenitz, Beef, Kahntei, BlindxSide, galluserectus, C3TTO, stride090604, jdud, DaimeneX, ferr-um, vkronizer, all the Anomaly discord bois, rest of Anomaly devs and anyone else I forgot. I just jank this stuff together. Thank these people, not me, because without them there would be nothing.”